Tips for Fireworks

Friendly reminder to dog owners that there will be a lot of fireworks soon. Here are a few things you can do to help a scared pup.

1.Play some background music. Reggae has been proven to be effective.

2.Have a kennel or other cozy area for your pup to hide available.

Calming tablets, CBD and Light misting of lavender or chamomile on a blanket can help

reduce anxiety.

3.Comfort, contrary to popular belief you can and should comfort your pup when they are scared.

4.Double check that all gates and windows are closed at night. When a dog is scared they don't think just act and may try to escape.

5.If it is severe take your pup in to the vet and get medication. Just like stress can cause humans to have heart attacks it is also detrimental to dogs. It is worth the vet visit and $20 medication if it means helping keep your dog healthy and safe.

These are things you can do in the moment to help your dog through the scary explosions. After you make it past this season it is a good idea to look into working with a local positive trainer to help with training your dog to be be ok with fireworks.

Happy fourth, stay safe!


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