The Basics for Dog Toys!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

An important thing to consider when getting a dog is what toys should you get? It can be tempting to go out and get all the cute toys you can find but its best to start with the simple and more useful ones. To help get you started here are some toys we recommend!

When it comes to the absolute essentials we suggest three types of toys. Standard Kong, a rope toy and a few chew toys. For the standard Kong see what size looks like it is about the right size for your dog then go one size up. For our Heelers (45-55lb dogs) we use X-Large a Corgi might be good on a Large for example. Also keep in mind there is standard, soft for puppies and older dogs as well as a extreme that is great for heavy chewers. We recommend you keep at least two to be able to use them while the other is washing. For how to use them we will release a blog and video entirely dedicated to Kongs.

Get whatever rope toy you want as long as you feel its a good size for tug. they are great for giving your dog a way to interact with you and can be used for training if you have a tug motivated dog. If you want to use rope toys to train I suggest getting a standard and smaller one that you can take around with you easily and also keep them up so that they are more rewarding since they are only used as a reward for training. For at home play go for a bigger size that.

For chew toys it depends on your dog and its preferences. We encourage natural chews like antlers but know they can be expensive. Nylabones are a great alternative. You will have to see what your dog prefers and get them a variety to chose from. It might be a bit of money up front but can save your furniture and promote healthy chewing behaviors.

Always make sure to throw out rope toys that are torn up. They can cause blockages.

For Chew toys throw them out once they are too small for you to feel comfortable leaving your dog alone with them.

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