In Home Grooming

We focus on Fear Free and positive methods when working with pups. This leads to a bit more work now so that it is a better experience for the pup now and later!

Nail Trim - $30

This sessions serves as a chance for the trainer to gain an understanding of what the dog might need now and how to best accomplish any owner goals. This session is all about the trainer getting to

Brush Out - $50

We want to help you and your puppy get off to a fantastic start! This course covers socialization, handling, and canine communication to make sure your puppy is set up for success. We will also cover loose leash walking and basic obedience cues s

Ear Cleaning - $30

We offer a completely personalized four-week course to focus on specific issues such as poor leash manners, distractibility, mild anxiety, or com

 Grooming Conditioning - $20

For dogs with moderate to severe aggression or fear-based behaviors, we offer behavioral rehab. We use positive methods to redirect your dog, deescalate stress,


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