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Pawsitive Pups is a FaceBook group for anyone looking to connect with other pet parents, ask questions about science-based training, share success stories, and just talk about living with our dogs!


Pawsitive Direction is run by Denver-based dog trainers Kim Johnson and Mario Garcia. Our goal is to teach dog owners how to best communicate with their furry best friends, and have fun doing it.

We focus on force-free, science-based training. We are committed to staying up-to-date on current training practices, which means our methods are always humane and effective.

No matter the issue, we believe that patience, consistency and clear communication are at the heart of a great relationship with a well-behaved dog. We can't wait to help you and your dog start the journey to a stronger bond with more confidence and control!

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Pawsitive Direction services much of Central Denver and the Highlands, as well as some surrounding municipalities. Appointments in additional locations are made on a case-by-case basis. Please call, text, or email us to check if you fall within our service range!

Meet the Trainers

Kim Johnson

"I've always loved dogs, but when I was around 13, I became fascinated with how they learn. I got my start in positive training when I started doing agility with a rescue German Shepard. Working with him taught me so much about the unique needs and learning styles of rescue dogs. Since then, my love of rescue pups has led me to focus on helping families with newly adopted dogs."


Mario Garcia

"I grew up helping my aunt whelp German Shepherds from the age of 12. I became obsessed with dogs, and at 16, finally got my first one-- a Min Pin named Max. Training him was such an amazing experience, I knew I wanted to train dogs for a living. I started with 'balanced' training, but found that positive training worked best for the dogs I was working with. Since 2015, I've focused on court cases, as well as reactive, anxious dogs."



call/text: 720-770-1705


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